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This Alien of mine is going to Mount Bromo, Indonesia for three days! Yah, gue cemburuan! Bawakin gue bersama lo! (after we are halal together ofcus haha) Praying for you & your family safety throughout the journey In shaa Allah! Ternyata have a ball kicking blast there climbing mountains and kissing the clouds! 🗻 ☁ 😊 ❤ 
(kalau bisa, saya mau teh botol sosro & Indonesian chewing gum 😆LOL ) 

gue sayang banget sama lo 😘

Hahahaha thank you dear and I love you! her-lovely-traces 😘
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I wish you’re mine Mount Bromo 😄 // #mountbromo #travellustralee
All looking for that lucky shot // #ijencrater #travellustralee
Up and above the clouds // #ijencrater #travellustralee
The blue fire // #ijencrater #travellustralee
#ijencrater #travellustralee // For the sunrise at this point. 😍
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Seriously the feeling when you get the best good looking hotel to stay in at Surabaya after the 9 hours ride from Ijen! #liftoff
Mount Bromo, you’re too awesome! Now I have tons of photos on my Fujifilm and iPhone. Thanks to @ernandaputra that I got to know about Mount Bromo. With his amazing photos he took, I know I gotta visit Mount Bromo. So here I am! 

#mountbromo #travellustralee
Yes the famous Mount Bromo! ❤️ And next stop, Ijen Crater and to witness the blue fire. #mountbromo #travellustralee
Land Before Time! #putsomedinosaurs #travellustralee #mountbromo
It feels like winter ❄️ #mountbromo #travellustralee
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